Wave At Saturn

The pictures from Cassini are in. The top image is here, and you can see the gallery here. These are the RAW images and are still being processed, so better ones are on their way.

I simulated what it would look like from Cassini’s point of view using Celestia. In the second image, the distance from Saturn is about 160,000km away, which is fairly close compared to where it is now. The last image is more realistic as this is about where Cassini orbits Saturn (around 1,110,000km away) and the Sun would have been eclipsed by Saturn at the time. You can see Earth highlighted with the red cross-hairs to the right, 1,445,858,030 kilometers away.

This is now the third image of Earth taken from the outer solar system, the first two were from Voyager 1 in 1990 and the other from Cassini in 2006.

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