Bodies of Light
— Awesome! But how the hell does this work?

So if anyone missed this, these are (according to the artist) images of plants in their light field revealed though electromagnetic photography (what?!).

So I did some looking around and in the pdf file it seems like the artist says she used some kind of silver film to photograph the magnetic fields of the plants. Here is a pdf all about it:

I don’t think the artist described it very well in the pdf but I learned about a technique called Kirlian photography and that involves using some kind of metal conductor (perhaps that is what the silver film was for) and basically electrocuting the plant creating the corona you see around the edges. This Kirlian technique looks pretty similar to the artist’s work, so I think this mystery is solved. Unless someone has another idea, feel free to let me know.

Art by Marie-Jeanne Musiol

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