Quadrantid Meteor Shower
— Everything You Need To Know

What - First meteor shower of the year

When - Peaking night (after midnight) of January 2 to early the next morning before dawn - best time is when the radiant point is high in the sky (in this case, the hours closer to dawn - predicted peak, Jan. 3 @ 1300 UTC)

Where - Favors the Northern Hemisphere due to the narrow peak and radiant point…. here is what the day/night cycle around Earth would look like around the predicted peak (predicted = best guess)

Why - 50+ meteors per hour!

What might ruin the show - Bright moon :’(

Useful Tools
Dark Sky Finder (PROTIP: Get away from the city)
Planetarium App (to locate constellations at any time/location) 
Convert UTC time
— The radiant point doesn’t necessarily mean they will show up only at that single point, they can show up all across the sky as well

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