New technique for micro-surgery
Sound Scalpel - Invisible ‘knife’ uses sound to slice

Engineers made a lens coated with carbon nanotubes that converts light to sound (with the help of a rubbery layer) and the high-pressure focused sound waves allows 150-micrometer holes to be drilled in small objects. The image here shows holes drilled inside of an artificial kidney stone.

This new and improved technique opens up a whole new world at this small of a scale. Surgery could be painless as the precision of this lens would allow the surgeon to avoid nerve fibers. An invisible scalpel if you will.

For all of you who are curious, the carbon nanotubes convert the light to sound by first absorbing the light from a laser and converting the heat to the rubbery layer (polydimethylsiloxane) and that layer expands creating the sound wave. Pretty cool!

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