Biodegradable Electronics Can Dissolve In Water And Be Used Inside The Human Body

What the researches call as “transient electronics” could change the paradigm of electronics as most being made today are built to last and these ones are built to do disappear in a controlled manner.

One could use these electronics for simple diagnostic tests and afterwards the material would simply degrade in the body and you could forget about it. Because these electronics are biodegradable, waste from these will virtually be non-existent compared to the vast amount of electronics thrown away these days.

Within these sheets of silicon, there can be embedded transistors, diodes, wireless power coils, temperature and strain sensors, photo-detectors, solar cells and even 64 pixel cameras. Very interesting technology and could potentially be used for pretty much everything you could think of and is still safe to put in the body.

This is similar to the Flexible Electronics story earlier, however those devices are not biodegradable.

Via Science Daily

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